Spotlights on RIVERDALE: Make Up ☘

Have you ever heard of "Riverdale"?
It's a quite popular TV series based on the characters by Archie Comics , with a mysterious and intricate plot, and it features some great actors. For example, do you remember Cody from "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"? Well, he's now 24 years old, and he plays the shady Jughead Jones, as well as the narrator of the series. The first season is composed by 13 episodes, and the second season will be out this October. I CAN'T WAIT!
Since I developed a strong obsession with this series, I decided to write a post about the main female characters' make up.
Shall we start?

Betty Cooper.
Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper is a smart, kind and lovely girl, who lives with a "prissy" family. She is "perfect", and she excels in almost everything. Betty is played by Lili Reinhart, who is one of the most beautiful humans in the world. Her make up is always (except in one episode) kept simple and neat, in order to reflect her pureness and femininity. The foundation used makes her skin perfect, bright, and slightly glowy. Her long lashes are enhanced with coats of black mascara (and probably she wears falsies too?), and the eyebrows are defined. On the eyes you can usually see a matte ecru eyeshadow all over the lids, and a matte taupe shade on the crease, on the outer corners and on the lashline, in order to give more definition to her mesmerizing eye balls. On the lips, the make up artist used a clear or pink lipgloss.

If you want to recreate the look, I can give you some product recommendations:
- There are many foundations with a silky texture that can give your skin a healthy glow out there. But, we all have different skin type, so it becomes quite difficult to find the right product for each of us. For me (I have combination skin), the perfect foundation is from Chanel, the Perfection Lumière. It's more on the pricey side, but it's worth my money.
- I am loving the "Get Big! Lashes" mascara from Essence! Even though it's "cheap", you can compare its quality with those of the most expensive brands.

- As for the lips, Sephora has great lipglosses, like the "Outrageous Effect Volume" in the shade "Universal Volume".  If you prefer, you can use a tinted lipbalm instead. My favorite ones are the Maybelline Baby Lips in "Cherry Kiss", and the Benefit Cosmetics Hydrating Tinted "Benebalm" (it smells amazing!).

Veronica Lodge.

Veronica is the new girl in town, moved from New York. Played by Camila Mendes, the character soon becomes intriguing, with her strong personality, her (spoiler alert!!!) relationship with Archie Andrews, and her family background. She can be considered the so-called "femme fatale". That is, a woman who is "very attractive in a mysterious way, usually leading men into danger or causing their destruction" (Cambridge Dictionary).
Her make up focuses mainly on the eyebrows and the lips. Camila's eyebrows are arched, and this trait helps to give the character "assertiveness", and "pride". That, added to her acting skills, makes her the perfect person to play the role of Veronica.
And, of course, the look wouldn't be complete without an eye-catching lip colour. She usually wears plum, fuchsia or red lipsticks. You rarely spot her wearing pink.

My favorite bold lipsticks are from Mac Cosmetics and Colourpop.
- PLUM: Plumpfull (Shaka), Hutch (Colourpop), Plum Perfect (Maybelline).
- FUCHSIA: All Fired Up (Mac), Blush My Lips (Essence)
- RED: Ruby Woo (Mac), D for Danger (Mac), Avenue (Colourpop), Rubino (L'Erbolario).

Cheryl Blossom.
Cheryl is a wealthy, arrogant, and mean girl; the character is morbid, and quite fascinating.
She is portrayed by Madelaine Petsch, who conquered my heart with her stunning red hair and her personality.
This "bad girl" often exhibits plump red lips, which has become her signature look.
Madelaine herself stated in an interview that the lipstick used most is the Lime Crime's Matte Velvetine in Red Velvet. Sometimes, she tops it off with a lipgloss. She also uses Lime Crime Velvetine in Riot, which is a gorgeous reddish-brown.
Cheryl's make up game is strong: her skin is smooth, her long lashes make her eyes even bigger than they already are, her cheeckbone is to die for, and thanks to the blushing cheeks she has an healthy glow.
Her eye make up is usually neutral, ranging from shades of beige to shades of dark brown.
If you want to recreate her look, keep in mind three important things: long eyelashes (if you have hopeless lashes like me, rely on falsies), perfect skin, and red lips.

Josie McCoy.
Josephine is the talented leader of her band, "Josie and the Pussycats". Overflowing with ambition, she has a specific goal that she is going to achieve putting all her effort and time. I really admire her assertiveness, her energy, but at the same time her vulnerability. The actress is Ashleigh Murray.
Unlike the other female characters of the series, Josie wears some colour on her eyes, a lot of highlighter, and some coats of gloss on the lips. Oh, how could I forget the iconic cat-ears?
The brows are arched, and on the eyelids she usually has a pop of blue eyeshadow, silver, a matte black on the outer V to give more definition, and of course winged eyeliner.
I like the Dior 5 Couleurs Colours & Effects Eyeshadow palette in 276 - Carré Blue (about 35£), which is perfect for Josie's look.
If you're on a budget there's an adorable palette from Make Up Revolution, the Bang Bang palette (3.25), which has 5 different colours.

Well, that's it! Have you ever watched Riverdale?
Do you have a favourite character?
Let me know in the comment section!
Kiss kiss,

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