Hello beauties!
It's already February, and it's exam session! Yay! I am spending 2/3 of my life studying, and it's quite tiring. On the other hand, it's also satisfying and fulfilling. That's because I am doing it for myself, in order to gain more and more knowledge and to achieve my dreams, step by step.
Anyway, now I am going to talk to you about the "TRIBAL Tattoo Care" line. Basically, it consists in vegan products, with natural ingredients (no petrolatum and silicones), inspired by the Polynesian tattoo aftercare tradition. So, two products born from this idea:

  • TAMANU, with the Tamanu oil.
  • MONOI, with the Monoi oil (obviously, duh), Grape seed oil (which contains vitamins E and C), Rose Geranium essential oil.

As you can read on the site (, where you can also shop them), the Tamanu and the Monoi oils were "specifically used after the tattoing ritual to improve the healing process of the tattooes skin and for the maintenance of the tattoo, by protecting the skin from atmospheric agents, such as sun and wind, and salty water".

The company kindly sent me the Monoi Tattoo Care cream, so I would test it out and write my honest opinion about it. Unluckily, I don't have tattoos, that's the reason why I had one of my dearest friends to do it in my place! Her name is Alessia, and even though we haven't known each other for a long time, she is really precious to me.

Just a funny "behind-the-scenes" conversation:
Me: "Hi Alessia, can I ask you a favor?"
Alessia: "Yes, of course!"
Me: "I have here a cool product for tattoos, but since I don't have any I would like you to try it out. Is it okay?"
A: "Uhm, okay!"
A: "Oh, wait, is it something from CHINA?"
(In case you don't know, I am from China. And, as you might know, Chinese products are well known for being shit*y)
Anyway, these products are made in Italy ;D.

After about two weeks of testing, I asked my friend about her thoughts on the product, and I took some before and after photos.

As you can see from the pics, there's not a big difference. However, the tattoo looks brighter, and more defined. Of course, the product cannot do miracles; but it's a really good result after such a short time. It does improve the overall look! Alessia told me that her skin felt softer, moisturized, and that made her happy!

Pro: good quality; preserving, protecting, and revitalizing properties. Nice smell
Con: none.
Rating: 8.5/10
Price: 19,99 

Do you have any tattoos?
Thanks for reading this review,
see you next time!

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