Hello beauties,
How are you doing lately? So, today (as you can see from the title of the post) I'll show you how to be fashionable with some pretty cool backpacks. You can wear them with anything, and anywhere! At school, during dates (speaking of which, the day after tomorrow is Valentine's day hehe), when you go out with friends or with your family, and so on.

The backpacks were kindly sent me by "Kukubird", which is a great online retailer based in Manchester that has a lot of things, including bags, handbags, purses, beauty products (face masks and lipsticks), and clothing (the crop tops are EVERYTHING, trust me).
They ship worldwide, yay! Also, the prices are really affordable, so you don't have to worry about spending all your salary (maybe... maybe).
Check "Kukubird" here:

Well, are you ready? Let's start!


I really love this one, I use it almost everyday! It has a lot of pockets, so it is quite handy.


This bag is quite a thing. What is cool about it is the fact that it's "glossy", and it has a "holographic" effect. Nice, huh?


This backpack is more on the "chic" and "stylish" side. I like the material and the little badge. Whenever I go out with this bag, people always ask me where I bought this!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have a great day!
Kiss kiss,

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