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310LINE SAVJA Natural Vegan Face, Body and Eye Products REVIEW ღ

Hello beauties,
how are you doing? Today I am going to show you some new products that I was kindly sent from Savja, a brand that offers natural, vegan, chemical-free and cruelty-free skincare products. So, I was given the chance to try them out, and I am really glad! Do you want to know my opinion? Then, keep reading!

The 310LINE collection includes 3 little jewels:
1 - SUPREME BODY hydrating and toning body cream, with ylang-ylang
2 - VELVET GRAPES anti-ageing face cream with grape skin extract
3 - BASIL TOUCH eye lifting serum with Basil essential oil

1 - SUPREME BODY (100 ml/3.38 fl oz)
Besides the Ylang-Ylang essential oil, this body cream contains Shea butter, Calendula flower extract, and Sweet Almond oil as well. That is the reason why, after appling the cream, your skin will feel super soft and cool. I have been using it for over a week, and I am quite satisfied of the result. During winter, my skin becomes dry and I have to soak myself in tons of moisturizing cream in order to s…


Hello beauties,
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2017 is finally here, and it's gonna be even more exciting than the past years. Hopefully, it will be full of joy and happiness, and less of sorrow.
This is my 100th blogpost, so I wanted it to be special.
I have been writing posts for almost 3 years now, and I love it. This is my personal space, where I can share my thoughts and my opinions, and I am free to say what I want. Even though I don't post daily (because of Uni and work I don't have a lot of time), I see that my blog is reaching more and more people, and that makes me so so happy!

So, what are my New Year's resolutions?

increase my self - esteemget better exam resultsspend more time with my family and friendsimprove my blog contenthave more happy thoughtsdon't be too sensitiveenjoy life moredon't spend too much money
The list may never end if I continue thinking about all the things that I would like to change and improve... Because we are humans, and we are never happy…