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How are you doing? Are you ready for Christmas? I hope you are ;D.
Today I am going to show you some swatches of my ColourPop liquid lipsticks, that are absolutely AMAZING! The colours that I own are "November", "Frick n' Frack", "Avenue", "Notion", and " Lax". There's no need to say that I am going to order more soon. So, I got the products about a month ago, and since then I have been "testing" them out. My opinion? Well, I already told you, they are amazing. The texture is incredible, the application too, is smooth and you get a "rich" colour after just one coat. Only "Lax" needs more work, and I always have to apply at least two coats, because the lip colour turns out patchy and uneven (as a matter of fact, it's my less favorite lipstick, even though I love the colour).

The lasting is exceptional ONLY when you use a lipliner beforehand. Once, I applied the lipstick - if I remember correctly it was "Notion" - without anything on (no lipbalm and no lipliner), and after a meal the colour was completely smudged and it seemed like I ate a whole jar of blueberry jam. Thank God, I was at home and no one saw me in that miserable condition! This doesn't happen if you don't touch food, but now I cannot help using a lipliner first ("prevention is better than a cure").
Another downside is that they do not completely dry, so you should always be careful when drinking, eating, kissing, etc.
Well, of course there are liquid lipsticks that are much better than the ColourPop ones, but if you consider the price too, these are worth your money.

Pro: incredible colour, lasting (with a lipliner and when you don't eat), price, range of colours
Con: lasting (with no lipliner and when you eat)
Price: 6$
Rating: 8/10

If you want to see how they look on the lips, I made a video for that! Here's the link:

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ever tried the ColourPop lipsticks?
If yes, tell me which ones and what you think about them!
See you soon,

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