Hi beauties!
How are you? It's already autumn, and I feel a lot older D:. So many things happened during this Summer...

| Summary of Summer 2016: studied a lot for the admission test for the degree course in Medicine and Surgery; visited Nice, Lyon, and Avignon (and attempted to speak in French, with miserable results); met incredible people, and had some hard fun time with family and friends. I know that you don't give a f**k about my life, but whatever.|

Anyway, today I want to introduce you to the NYX Cosmetics Lingerie liquid lipsticks. They come in 12 (awesome) different shades:

  • Corset – Neutral light taupe
  • Lace Details – Rosy light taupe
  • Push Up – Medium taupe
  • Embellishment – Dusty deep lavender
  • Baby Doll – Cool taupe
  • Beauty Mark – Fudgy cool brown
  • Bedtime Flirt – Rosy cinnamon
  • Exotic – Faded brick red
  • Honeymoon – Cool grey brown
  • Ruffle Trim – Dusty peach
  • Satin Ribbon – Light grey taupe
  • Teddy – Chocolate frosting

I have tried just one: 04 Ruffle Trim, a cool-toned colour. The finish is matte, and the pigmentation is excellent! Morever, once applied, it lasts almost all day, without drying my lips. I LOVE IT! This is the first liquid lipstick that I have ever used in my entire life, and I am quite mesmerized by it (not kidding). Before buying it, I kept wondering "What if it dries my lips?", "What if this lipstick goes on unevenly or comes out patchy?". So, I made tons of research on the Internet (I have never been so committed, not even with school researches. Maybe). In the end I made up my mind and I am so grateful I did!
"Are there any downsides?", you may ask. Well, none, I suppose.

Quick tip: even though this product is not drying, you should always apply a lip balm first.

Pro: superb colours and superb lasting. Not drying effect.
Con: none.
Price: 8.99€
Rating: 9/10

Have you ever tried these lipsticks? If yes, what do you think about them?
I would love to know!
Kiss kiss,

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