Hello beauties,
ever heard of a 120$ worth serum? Yes, it does exist, and it's by Chanel. The one that I am talking about is a brightening and illuminating concentrate (1 fl.oz), and the product belongs to the "Chanel LE BLANC" line.

The LE BLANC products are quite popular in Asia, where women prefer having a light skin tone rather than a sunkissed one.
What it should do: it evens out your complexion and it helps diminish the appearance of existing dark spots.
What it does: after a month of daily application, I noticed that my skin actually looked brighter, more luminous. But, when I first applied it I did not see any difference.
This is a great product to try if you have a lot of dark spots! However, it's a rather big investment, so you have to think twice before getting it.
I really wish I took before and after photos D:!

Pro: it does what it says, it is light and it brightens up your complexion.
Con: it is really expensive, and there is only 1 fl.oz of product.
Rating: 8.5/10
Price: about 120$

Have you ever tried this serum?
If yes, let me know what you think!
See you next time,
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