Hi beauties,
January is already over, and it was such an exciting month! I have been really busy lately (because of 
Uni, family business, etc.)... Yeah, I know, it's always the same excuse. I am so sorry, guys! But, today I want to share with you some of my January favorites!

Last month I read a book written by Marco Venturino. The original title is "Cosa Sognano i Pesci Rossi", and it can be translated in English as "What Goldfishes Dream About". The plot is simple: there are two main characters, Pierluigi Tunesi and Luca Gaboardi. Pierluigi is a man affected by a severe lung cancer who, after a dangerous surgery, is under intensive care. On the other side, Mr. Gaboardi is a doctor that has to take care of several patients, including Pierluigi. The whole book is built around the two men's thoughts and their descriptions of the events occuring to them, events that take place in a not-so-pleasant setting. Reading through the lines of this book, I was struck by the powerful feelings that Pierluigi began to nurture towards life, once he realized that he had no much time left to live. We rarely pay attention to the little things, since we are all too busy doing "other - more important - things", and we are not able to appreciate what we have, what is just in front of us. However, when something terrible happens, well, we realize that we have lost something incredibly valuable

I have been loving these delicious snacks, which come in 3 different tastes: hazelnut, cocoa, and 
cereals. I adore all of them! Dont' worry, this post was not sponsored by Ferrero.
Whenever I feel blue, I just grab this snack and I immediately feel better! Ha, food is life.

Can you see how beautiful it is? :D

Lastly, among my most used lipsticks, this one is my favorite! It's by Shaka, and it's in the shade "Plumpfull". It's a lovely plum-cherry colour that looks amazing on my lips! It suits my skin tone perfectly, and it lasts more than 4 hours, without retouches. 

What are you January favorites?
Leave a comment down below!
See you next time, 
Livia ♡

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