We live in an era dominated by the Internet, social media platforms, and - of course - selfies. Almost everyone post selfies on the web, me included. So, how can we optimize our photos? There are 2 beautifying apps that I have on my phone and that I love! I don't use them very often though, because "Camera 360" is my favorite editing app!


You want a bigger breast? Longer and slimmer legs? Wanna make your dark circles instantly disappear? Photo wonder does all this, and even more. You can do your make up, adding eyeliner and lipstick, and decorate your photos with lovely stickers! Just one word: W - O - N - D - E - R - F - U - L!
Here's how you can edit the photos (that girl is my sister haha):

Here I took the pic ;D

Added some cool effect

Put on some nice and fresh lipcolor


A look cannot be complete without eyeliner ;D

And that's it! It's super easy and fun!

Oh, I swear that I have never used this app to make my breast look bigger!! I only use it to make my skin appear fairer and smoother.


This one is very similar to Photo Wonder. You can destroy your pimples, make you look taller, and you have the super power to make your eyes become bigger (which is kinda creepy)! It has a lot of incredible features and I think it is amazing!

Do you know any other beautifying apps?
If yes, tell me!

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