Hi beauties! Today I'm gonna show you a very simple eye make up I created. It is perfect for fancy dress parties, and it is inspired by the ancient Egyptian civilization.
So, I took the photos before filling my eyebrows, that's why they look shabby and messy. Sorry!

I started by using my favorite gel eyeliner by Maybelline in BLACKEST BLACK, tracing a thin line on my upper lid (close to the lashline) and building up the colour little by little. Then, I drew a long and thick wing (not something I would do everyday), for a dramatic look. This elongates the shape of your eyes. I brought the colour to my lower lashline as well, only on the outer corner.
After that, I grabbed a blue gel eyeliner by Inglot (#67) and I applied it all along my lower lashline, in order to make my eyes appear more lively. Finally,  I used a shimmery silver eyeshadow on the inner corners of my eyeballs.

As you can see, I did not apply mascara (and, yeah, my straight and short eyelashes are so unlucky). That's because I wanted to make my eyeliner pop even more, without the interference of my eye hair.

Personally, I do not think this make up is ugly or ridiculous. Of course, I wouldn't do this for a natural everyday make up look, but I am definitely gonna recreate it when I'll go to a fancy party.

Do you like this look?
Please, let me know!

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