Deborah Milano Compact Powder Review ☹

Red packaging, simple and neat.

It seems white in camera, but in reality it's darker :D

Hi beauties! How are you doing? I hope you are all having a great time! Today I am back with another review: this time it's a setting powder by Deborah Milano. This brand offers a wide range of very cool products(that I've always loved), but this powder doesn't really excite me. I got the shade 29, which suits my skin perfectly, but...

WHAT IT PROMISES: with a lightweight texture and a smooth application, this compact powder sets your make up, mattifying your skin.

WHAT IT REALLY DOES: once applied, you can really feel it. I mean, it is heavy and it is A LOT drying! Okay, it does set your foundation, making it last longer. But, at what price? When I first used it I would have never thought that my oily skin could get dried so much. Also, the smell is DISGUSTING!
I am sorry to say that, but this product is a big NO-NO! Ha, I just wasted my money on something that I will never use again.

Price: about 8
Pro: it sets your make up, matte finish.
Con: nauseating smell, heavy texture.
Would I recommend it? Definitely no. But I can tell you that many Deborah products are not like this one(they are MUCH better). Somehow, this setting powder is the shame of the brand.
Rating: 4/10

Have you ever tried this powder?
What do you think of it?

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