I've always been a huge lover of films and TV shows. Whenever I feel down, there's always my computer awaiting for me on the desk and whispering "Come here, come on, turn me on". And there's no way I could refuse, right? So, today I am going to talk about my top four TV series!


I was introduced to this incredible series by a friend of mine, and I am so glad! I am currently watching season 2 and I can't wait to continue watching it! It's so entertaining and I feel like one of the characters. So far, my favorite ones are Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys, Jon Snow (such a cool guy), Arya (I like her strong personality), Bran, Sansa and Robb Stark (another handsome man). The ones that I just cannot stand are Cersei, Theon Greyjoy, and Joffrey (he is wicked and perverse!). If you don't know the plot, well, basically there are different storylines (all linked), set in a world called Westeros, where seasons can last years. They are stories about war, dragons, hatred and jealousy (and love as well), betrayals, kings, and so much more!!

Daenerys, aka Emilia Clarke


After the first episode I was pretty scared, then I thought "Dean and Sam are not bad at all", and, as I kept watching, I fell in love with this fantastic series. In every episode strange and exciting facts happen, and the brothers Dean and Sam Winchester have to fight demons, ghosts, and other evil and frightening creatures! Sometimes I even cover my eyes and I cry haha. Anyway, if you love supernatural and mysterious stuff, you should really watch it.


"Heroes" is such a compelling series, maybe even more than "Game of Thrones" (don't hate me)! The plot is about some people who discover they have special superpowers, and they use them rightfully of wrongfully, with decisive consequences on the destiny of humankind. The main character, Claire Bennet (played by the beautiful Hayden Panettiere), has the power of self-regeneration, which is pretty cool, since she cannot die! I really loved the character of Hiro Nakamura :D. There are only 4 seasons, but there's going to be a miniseries called "Heroes Reborn". Yay!


This one is completely different from the genre of the other three. It's a medical drama about a really harsh doctor, Gregory House, who solves complicated cases with his team. I love it because after every episode I learn something new and it's super exciting! I especially enjoyed the first seasons, when there were my favorite characters, like Robert Chase and Allison Cameron!

Which are YOUR favorite TV shows?
I would really like to know!
(Recommendations are well received ;D)

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