All you need to know about STROBING ✓

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering "what the hell is STROBING?". It has been on everyone's lips lately! Don't worry, I'll clear all your doubts.

See how glowy it looks?

Basically, strobing (that is, "stroboscopic effect") is a new technique - or a new contouring, if you prefer - that changes and enhances your features. The truth is that strobing is not something new, because it has always existed. It's just a fancy word for HIGHLIGHTING. I think it is perfect for summer, since it reflects the light and it brings out your inner beauty!! Your complexion will look glowy and dewy, like that of an angel.
So, how can you achieve such an angelic look? All you need is a good highlighter! My favorites are these ones:

Yves Saint Laurent Highlighter about 35

Benefit High Beam Highlighter about 28

If you don't like highlighters, you can use white and pearly eyeshadows instead. They are wonderful and they work very well! Just make sure to blend everything properly.
Some recommendations:

MAC White Frost 18

MAC Mylar 18

MAC Nylon Eyeshadow 18

Next step: where should you apply it? I made a face chart, so you can see all the high points (in yellow). Since it's summer and you are most probably showing a lot of skin, I recommend highlighting the body too! For example, use the highlighting product on your shoulders, on your legs and on your neckline.

Credits: Me ;D

If you have oily skin like me, well, that's a big problem. You don't want your face to look too shiny, right? Throughout the day, it can end up in a terrible disaster. What I like to do is to set all my make up with an oil-controlling powder. Then, when my face is building up too much oil, I blot it with blotting paper.

What do you thing about this new trend?
Tell me in the comments below!

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