L'Oréal Lumi Révèle Sublime Review!

Here's a review of a cool make up remover by L'Oréal, called "Lumi Révèle Sublime". It really does its job! Even waterproof make up cannot win against it. Another positive thing is that it doesn't contain parabens, which are harmful for our skin!

It's a product that doesn't irritate my eyes, it is delicate and it has a delicious smell! With this, removing make up and impurities are like a piece of cake.
However, it leaves some oily residue behind, and that's not a nice feeling (especially for those of you who have oily skin). What I like to do is to wash my face with water afterwards, then I apply a refreshing toner. What is special about this cleanser? Well - beside the fact that it doesn't leave any trace of make up - nothing. I mean, it is a really good product but there are tons of amazing cleansers out there!

Pro: it removes all the make up and it leaves your skin soft, even though a little greasy.
Con: the fact that it leaves the skin greasy D:
Price: around 4
Rating: 8.5/10

Have you ever tried this make up remover?
Let me know!

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