Garnier PureActive and PureActive Intensive Scrubs Review! (Yeah, That's A Double Review)

Are you looking for a good quality product that can make those pesky pimples disappear? I have the right thing for you! It's the Garnier PureActive Scrub. There's the intensive one and the normal one, and they are both amazing. These products helped me to fight against a bad acne problem back when I was 15, and they worked very well! It really seemed to me a miracle. I had always struggled with such an annoying issue, and I tried to deal with it by buying tons of different creams (some were very expensive). The result? None of them worked. But one day, while I was desperately searching on the Internet things like "How To Get Clear Skin" and other similar stuff, I found a review about "Garnier Scrub". Although I was rather sceptical about it, I decided to give it a chance. And, whoa! I fell in love with it, and I am still in love. Now, luckily, I don't have so many zits as before.

The normal one contains Salicylic Acid (an antibacterial ingredient that does wonders on acne-prone skin), and Zinc. It's really easy to use! You just have to apply it on your wet face, avoiding eye contact. Then, after about 30 seconds, rinse everything off and apply a toner or a moisturizing cream. I love using it because - besides purifying my skin - it leaves a fresh sensation!
The intensive one is perfect for those of you who have a severe acne problem. It contains Salicylic Acid (like the other one) and HerbaRepair, which helps to reduce the appearance of the scars left by pimples. It does do what it says! Superb!

This is the normal one, while the intensive one is white.

Price: about 6
Pro: it purifies your skin and it really helps to clear it
Con: sometimes it makes your face feel a little dry and tingly. But, you can rewash your face with water and apply a good moisturizer.

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