My Experience At EXPO Milan 2015!

Last week I went to Milan in order to visit Expo, and it was pretty exciting. If you don't know what it is, let me explain you. Basically, it is a cultural exposition on the subject of alimentation, its fascinating sides and its issues. Anyway, I got on the train at about 7 a.m. (I live in Turin) and I arrived at 9. The site was really easy to reach and, once arrived, I saw a huge crowd foaming (does it make sense?) in front of me. The queue was long, scary and disordered, so it took a while before I could enter and enjoy the exposition. The first pavilion I visited was the Korean one. They showed us some videos about their country's typical dishes, the ingredients, and the process of production. I will confess, my mouth was watering like crazy. In every (or almost every) pavilion there is a restaurant, where you can taste the deli of each country. But, well, the prices were kind of eye watering. That is the reason why I brought with me some snacks and a bottle of water. Oh, that's right, you can refill your empty bottle at any time, and it's free. The constructions were absolutely amazing and breathtaking! However, I didn't manage to visit the Japan and the German pavilions (what a pity!) because there were too many people. They are even considered the most beautiful ones. Obviously, one day is not enough to visit every structure. Now, I'll show you some photos that I took during the not very sunny day: 

The ticket! 

In front of the Japan Pavilion.

Yeah, it was pretty cloudy.

I love this dress! It would be awesome to get to wear something like this!

Mini pancakes

I was a little disappointed because of the fact that there wasn't that much food. I mean, it's an event concerning alimentation, so it should (obviously) offer more opportunities to try and discover new and delicious flavors. Even the organization was lacking something...
Despite the leaks, it was very fun! Chances are I'll go to visit again, probably with my family. When I arrived home I was exhausted, my feet were hurting like hell, but I was happy and satisfied. What an experience!

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