Givenchy Le Prisme 4 in 1 Harmony Powder Review!

Hello beauties,
Here I am with a new review! Today I planned to talk about the "Prisme Libre" powder that contains four-shade blend by Givenchy.

The one that I tried is in "Mousseline Pastel" and I think it is a really good product. What are its qualities? Well, first it does what it says. That is, it keeps your face almost completely matte throughout the day(of course you will need a few touch-ups) and it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores. The finish is flawless, natural and absolutely beautiful! Plus, it doesn't dry my skin and it's super light! I dust it over my face(especially on my T-zone, the most critical part) after having applied my foundation in order to set everything.
Another cool detail is the packaging: it's chic and it makes me feel like an elegant lady ;D.
The product comes with a sponge that is soft and I love using it, even though it would be better to use a powder brush.
So, you want a porcelain-like complexion and you are not on a tight budget? I highly recommend you this loose powder. I know it may be a little too pricey and you pay mostly for the name of the brand, but it's definitely a worthy purchase.

Price: about 50€
Pro: it absorbs oil perfectly and the result is natural.
Con: if applied too much it emphasizes your fine lines. So, don't apply too much. Less is better.

I hope this post was useful! If you want me to review a product, don't be afraid to ask me!


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