Bloody Nails Tutorial!

Recently, I typed on the searching bar of Youtube the words "Bloody Nails" and a lot of videos popped out. One of them was named something like "I Ripped Up My Nail" and the thumbnail was scary, but I clicked it because I was interested and - oh my Gosh - it was literally the most disgusting thing ever! After a few seconds I stopped the video and I felt my tummy all messed up. Anyway, even though the fact made me feel sick, I got inspired to make a "Bloody Nails Tutorial". It is not anything too fancy, don't worry. It's just a cool and simple nailart that anyone can rock, without looking eccentric. So, how can you recreat the look?

What you will need:
- a base coat.
- a red nail polish, which can be matte or shiny. The one that I got is from Kiko, a medium-quality Italian brand.
- a top coat, for a glossy finish.
First, apply the base coat. This step is important, because a good base coat protects your nails and prevents them from "chipping". Just kiddin'. Then, take the red polish and move the brush up and down, creating the streams of blood. Got it? Of course, it doesn't have to be precise. See this video for a more comprehensible explanation:

If you want more tutorials, just let me know!

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