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My Experience At EXPO Milan 2015!

Last week I went to Milan in order to visit Expo, and it was pretty exciting. If you don't know what it is, let me explain you. Basically, it is a cultural exposition on the subject of alimentation, its fascinating sides and its issues. Anyway, I got on the train at about 7 a.m. (I live in Turin) and I arrived at 9. The site was really easy to reach and, once arrived, I saw a huge crowd foaming (does it make sense?) in front of me. The queue was long, scary and disordered, so it took a while before I could enter and enjoy the exposition. The first pavilion I visited was the Korean one. They showed us some videos about their country's typical dishes, the ingredients, and the process of production. I will confess, my mouth was watering like crazy. In every (or almost every) pavilion there is a restaurant, where you can taste the deli of each country. But, well, the prices were kind of eye watering. That is the reason why I brought with me some snacks and a bottle of water. Oh, …

Bloody Nails Tutorial!

Recently, I typed on the searching bar of Youtube the words "Bloody Nails" and a lot of videos popped out. One of them was named something like "I Ripped Up My Nail" and the thumbnail was scary, but I clicked it because I was interested and - oh my Gosh - it was literally the most disgusting thing ever! After a few seconds I stopped the video and I felt my tummy all messed up. Anyway, even though the fact made me feel sick, I got inspired to make a "Bloody Nails Tutorial". It is not anything too fancy, don't worry. It's just a cool and simple nailart that anyone can rock, without looking eccentric. So, how can you recreat the look?

What you will need:
- a base coat.
- a red nail polish, which can be matte or shiny. The one that I got is from Kiko, a medium-quality Italian brand.
- a top coat, for a glossy finish.
First, apply the base coat. This step is important, because a good base coat protects your nails and prevents them from "chipping&q…

Make Up Forever Face & Body Foundation Review!

A couple of days ago I was on a super crammed bus, and I noticed a young woman beside me. Her skin looked extremely dry and it was obvious that she put on too much make up (thick base and heavy eye look). I recall that I thought "Oh gosh, which kind of foundation did she use?". Yep, because her pores were pretty evident and the product she applied didn't really suit her skin type (it was a little too oily). Morever, her face colour was darker than the rest of her body, and you could see the gap miles away. I really don't intend to criticize that woman (besides, I don't even know who she is and I am not the type of person who likes to talk s**t about people, especially strangers). On the contrary, I should thank her! If I hadn't noticed her, I wouldn't have come up with the idea of talking about the best foundations ever! What I plan to do is to give you some advices and to review all the foundations that I have tried during my life. The aim is to help th…

Eisenberg Paris Toning Lotion Review!

Need a toner? Don't worry, I've found an amazing one with which you might fall in love! It's a super refreshing toning lotion by Eisenberg Paris.

I love it because it is gentle and it really does wonders on my skin. I usually forget to apply toners because I think that they are useless, but in this case I had to change my mind. At first I was rather sceptical when a friend of mine recommended me. You know, toners for me were like water with some fancy ingredients in it. Nothing more. But I was wrong! After 6 - 7 days I noticed that my complexion looked more healthy and I was so glad (and pretty astonished too)!
I use it twice a day, before I put my make up on and in the evening, when I remove it. The only thing that I don't like is the scent. It has a strange smell that I cannot even describe! However, it's comprehensible, since it is fragrance-free (cool!).

Rating: 8/10
Pro: moisturizing, soothing, no parabens and gentle(perfect for sensible skin).
Con: the awful sm…

Givenchy Le Prisme 4 in 1 Harmony Powder Review!

Hello beauties,
Here I am with a new review! Today I planned to talk about the "Prisme Libre" powder that contains four-shade blend by Givenchy.

The one that I tried is in "Mousseline Pastel" and I think it is a really good product. What are its qualities? Well, first it does what it says. That is, it keeps your face almost completely matte throughout the day(of course you will need a few touch-ups) and it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores. The finish is flawless, natural and absolutely beautiful! Plus, it doesn't dry my skin and it's super light! I dust it over my face(especially on my T-zone, the most critical part) after having applied my foundation in order to set everything.
Another cool detail is the packaging: it's chic and it makes me feel like an elegant lady ;D.
The product comes with a sponge that is soft and I love using it, even though it would be better to use a powder brush.
So, you want a porcelain-like complexion and you are…

Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa Review!

Hello beauties, today I want to introduce a new friend to you. Its name is Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa and it’s basically a hair remover that works even under the shower. The model that I own is the number 9-961, which is a model that I love! The box contains a hair remover device (of course) and an exfoliation brush (perfect for removing dead cells), which the model 9-561 doesn’t have.

There are also other useful objects:
1. A small bag where you can put your epilator inside.
2. A brush adapter
3. An extra wide epilation head
4. A facial cap, for (obviously) facial epilation
5. A cleaning brush (to clean the cap)
6. The protective cover for the brush
7. A skin contact cap

This epilator is just amazing! It removes quickly every hair, leaving my skin soft and silky. When some hair is left out I just grab a pair of tweezers to complete the work of art. At first, it was a bit bothering and painful. Also, I thought that it was way too complicated and I was scared. However, little by little, I got used …