Sephora Eye MakeUp Remover Review!

Today I am planning to write a review about Sephora's eye makeup remover! This makeup remover is excellent, since it doesn't leave any trace of eyeshadow or eyeliner at all! It's also very good against waterproof mascara, which is pretty awesome! I always struggle A LOT when it comes to waterproof products and I am so happy to have such an incredible fellow with me.

Now, some pictures where I show you how it works perfectly (or almost):

Second swipe

I applied some liquid eyeliner on my hand and, after the first swipe, it was nearly gone. However, after the second swipe, the leftover makeup spread a little on my skin. It’s not a big deal, of course, but you have to make sure to use the other side of the cotton pad or the cotton ball, and not the already soiled side. Another little downside is that it leaves my skin kind of oily, and it’s not a great sensation. But I just use a good cleanser afterwards to refresh my face!

Price: around 6$
Pro: it removes very well every eye makeup products, even the waterproof ones.
Nice smell and good quality.
Con: it leaves your skin a little oily and sometimes, instead of removing your makeup, it spreads it.

I hope this review helped you!
Let me know what you would like me to review next,
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