L'Erbolario Lipstick Review!

This lipstick by "L'Erbolario" is my go-to product! You know, that one product that, once applied, can make even your gloomiest days shine! For me, it's this red lipstick. I just can't get enough of it! Whenever I feel down I just pull it out of my makeup bag and I put it on my lips. And voilà! It's magical.

I am sure this review is going to be super positive.
This rouge à lèvres in the shade "Rubino"(which means "ruby" in Italian) is a gorgeous medium-dark red colour that suits almost every skin tone! Furthermore, it makes your teeth look much whiter!
It is creamy, hydrating (it doesn't dry my lips at all) and it has a really good smell. It's awesome, isn't it?
Moreover, it doesn't cost a fortune.
You wanna hear more? It is not composed of harmful ingredients! I mean, of course it is, but most of the ingredients used are completely natural.
How weird, this lipstick is flawless!
Oh, wait! It does have a flaw!
I have to admit that it doesn't last really long. You have to reapply it every 3-4 hours more or less, if you want to keep your lipcolor fresh and cool.
Anyway, here is the swatch:

How it looks on my lips

Don't be deceived by the photo! In reality the colour is much darker and brighter.

Price: €12
Pro: shiny and hydrating, nice smell, good INCI and lovely colour.
Con: not long-lasting.
Rating: 9/10
Would I repurchase it? Definitely yes!! I would like to try different hues as well!

Have you ever heard of "L'Erbolario"? If yes, do you own any of their products?
Kiss kiss,
Livia ♡

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