Why You Shouldn't Mind Being Single!

You are single? No problem! The fact that you haven't a significant other must not influence you and you shouldn't care. Being single doesn't mean you are not  accepted or that you are not good enough. It has be your own choice. And there are a lot of reasons why you should not mind being single.

Oh yeah, you are free! You can do whatever you want, you aren't bound to anyone and anything! There's a hot guy walking down the street? Look at him as much as you want (make sure not to stare at him)! Besides, there's no one that is gonna reproach you for that. Also, you can flirt with whoever you wish, without feeling guilty.
Since you are not taken, you can dedicate more time to your studies, your career, your goals and/or your family.
I am currently single but I am not unhappy. Rather, I feel like I can devote myself to my education and my friends. Love can wait, while other things may not. Of course, I think that being in love is great and it's an unforgettable experience. However, you shouldn't give too much importance to it.

Well, this is a wonderful reason! No more pain and no more redness! Even though if you do it you should do it for you and not for someone else. Still, it's a good excuse.

Not being in a relationship shows that you have a strong personality and that you don't need to rely on anyone as well. You are making through whatever thanks to your own forces and determination! Just be proud of yourself! Us women, we are the strongest.

Being single does not imply that you are not good enough. I am deeply convinced that we are all gonna meet the right person someday. A person who appreciates your qualities and your faults as well, who loves you for who you are and not for your appearance, and who supports you when in need. You may have already met him but you haven't recognized him or it's going to happen in a near future. Be positive! Obviously, it will not be the perfect guy that you've always dreamt about (if he is, lucky you!) but that is not important. If you are happy, that's enough.

Can you think of other reasons?
Please tell me!
Livia :D

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