Spotlights on Katy Perry! ♬

Today I'm going to talk about a celebrity who recently rocked at this year's Super Bowl and who is well known for her weird and extravagant oufits (less extravagant than those of Lady Gaga though). Yes, you got it.
Katy Perry, whose real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, was born in Santa Barbara 31 years ago and now she is one of the most estimated artists in the world. Since 2008, when her first single (I Kissed A Girl) appeared, she has been inspiring lots and lots of people. I still remember the spicy lyrics : "I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of cherry chapstick!".
Her first album was called "One Of The Boys", and the second one "Teenage Dream", which was released in 2010. You may also recall that she was one of the judges during the 7th edition of X Factor.

Katy in her music video "Dark Horse"

I love the lip color that she is showing here! 

I love the dress! So lady - like.

This look is soo lovely!

A little bit of gossip: Katy and Taylor are rivals, even though I think they were friends and they got along, some time ago. Anyway, I love them both.

Okay, quit the gossiping! Now I'll show you some of her looks!
Katy is always striving for new experiences and she sure experiences a lot, especially regarding her hair.


Like a unicorn :D

Have you noticed that she tries such incredible colours? Pastel pink, fluorescent blue, white, purple, green, etc.
She has big blue eyes which seem to be even bigger with make up! We can see that she often applies long and thick falsies, making her eyeballs pop. Besides making her eyes stand out, her lips play a huge part too. In my opinion, she looks pretty good with coral lipsticks.
Her skin is fair and flawless, thanks to foundations, concealers and powders.

Here she goes, Katy Perry at the Grammy Awards with her gorgeous lilac and wavy hair. I fell in love with this look! She applied a shimmery white eyeshadow over her lids and also on the inner corners of her eyes, then she used a golden shade and a light brown to contour. I adore her lips colour as well. One simple word: stunning!

What do you think of her?
Please tell me your opinion!

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