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How To Achieve the "Byojaku Face" Look!

The "Byojaku Face" is a trend which has its roots in Japan. It began when, on the cover of "Ranzuki" magazine (which is the most popular magazine among teenagers in Japan), a girl with a sickly face appeared. The aim is to make your face look tired, sick, sad, and melancholic. It's just the opposite of how a girl should look like: fierce, adult-like and seductive. The reason why this trend became a trend is the fact that a teenager with a sickly face is considered cute and she seems to be looking for protection and love. Like so, boys will come in abundance to help you, you who look like a needy young woman.

Well, how to achieve this "Byojaku Face"? Arm yourself with a three - shades lighter foundation, a concealer, falsies, eyebrow pencil and mascara, eyeliner, pink blush and a pink/red lip tint.


If you already have fair skin, lucky you. As a matter of fact, for this look the most important thing is to have pale pale skin, in order to t…

Spotlights on Kristina Bazan ♛

Kristina Bazan is a young and beatiful blogger that I stalk on Instagram, Facebook, and on her blog. She is smart and nice and you can tell from whatever she does! Furthermore, she can speak fluently English, French, German and Russian. Her style is awesome and it always inspires me! She created her blog Kayture in 2011 with her partner James Chardon (they met in highschool) and it's the most influencial blog in Switzerland.

Kristina worked with big names like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Dolce&Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Mango, and Guess! For her young age, it's an incredible success!
Also, she is naturally beautiful and she doesn't use much colour on her face. I love the bold and sexy black winged eyeliner that she often rocks and that makes her blue eyes pop. Her eyebrows are defined and slightly arched yet remaining natural and well-groomed. I noticed that she prefers using nude lip colors rather then bold ones (which make her look like a "femme …

The Best Apps Of The Month! ♛

I love having on my phone handy and useful apps, and this month I have been loving quite a few!
Here's the list:

1 - CAMERA360

In my opinion, this is the most complete app for photos: you can modify them as you wish, applying lots of gorgeous effects! It has a selfie camera and an easy camera which you can use whener you don't have time to modify the pics. It really is worth your attention, I can assure you. Plus, it is free! ;D


Evernote is an app where you can write down your ideas, your work/school schedule, recipes, notes, etc. I use it to write whatever comes to my mind, like ideas for this blog or for my youtube channel, or even some inspirational quotes (sometimes I feel like a poet ;D).


This is another photo editing app which comes super handy when you want to post original-size pics on Instagram without having to crop them. Plus, it contains a lot of cute stickers! Lovely!


Happier is a fun and inspiring social journal! With this app …

How To Spend Valentine's Day (For Single Ladies)

If you are like myself - that is, single - then Valentine's day is gonna be lonely. Every place will be
full of lovey-dovey couples and it will be a little bit awkward if we are the only ones without a significant other. Cruel world!
Anyway, here you are some ideas on how to spend Valentine's day:


What's better than a good movie, a romance if possible? You can go to the cinema (you know what I mean: 50 Shades of Grey ;D) or just jump on your warm and comfy sofa with your pyjamas on, turn on your computer and enjoy! Some suggestions:
- The Notebook
- Titanic (if you are not tired of rewatching it again)
- Mr. and Mrs. Smith (starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie)
- Shakespeare in Love
- The Departed
- Atonement
- Pretty Woman
- Dirty Dancing
- Notting Hill
- Gone With the Wind
- Moulin Rouge
- Love Actually
- Love and Other Drugs (with Gyllenhaal and Hathaway)
- 50 First Dates (One of the best movies I have ever seen, starring Sandler and Drew Barrymore)