Hirunaka No Ryuusei: A Daytime Shooting Star

Hey everybody! Today I want to talk about a shoujo manga I recently read! It's called Hirunaka no Ryuusei and the author is Yamamori Mika.

The story is about Suzume Yosano, a girl who lives in a small country. Then one day her father gets a new job and she has to move to Tokio and stay at her uncle's house. There she meets Shishio Satsuki, one of her uncle's friends, who happens to be her homeroom teacher. After a while Suzume realizes she has fallen in love with her handsome(!!) teacher (let's call him "sensei") but she gets rejected once she openly confesses her feelings. She is in pain but she can rely on her dear friends (worth mentioning Yuyuka, a cute girl with a cold yet sweet personality). But then it seems that somehow Sensei's feeling towards his pretty and naive student change...
Well, you have to read it if you want to know the ending of their love story!!

A Love Triangle! :D

I got caught in the fascinating world of Suzume and now I am obsessed with it! To tell the truth, when I finished reading it I was a little disappointed (for a couple of reasons that I won't list below because I might spoiler a little). However, I love it so much (especially Shishio)!
I feel like I know every character deeply; there are 78 super exciting and sometimes heartbreaking chapters.

If you read it I would really love to know what you think,


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