Happy New Year!

We are in 2015 now. Let's hope that this year will be even more amazing than the last one. Let's hope for greater memories! Let's hope for a successful year! Let's find joy and happiness! That's right, we have to look for things that make us happy and carefree. Of course there will be a lot of tears, desperate moments when we feel hopeless, lost and lonely. But that's part of our life, and we have to accept it. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", they say. We will be going to overcome all the obstacles that are gonna cross our way. "Hey, I don't want this to be part of my story", you have to think. Then fight. And you win. If you don' t win, well, what's the problem? At least you have fought. This is one of my goals this year. Also, I would like to understand who I am. Even though it's hard, I am gonna accomplish it! And you too!
Make sure to realize your dreams!! It's the beginning of a new chapter, in which you are the main character :)

Happy New Year,


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