Zoella's Girl Online!

About a week ago beauty youtuber and blogger Zoe Sugg (best known as Zoella) released her debut novel: Girl Online. After such a short time over 78.000 copies have been sold and Zoe's big success is already in the air. Of course, her book's success was made possible also because of her huge fanbase. As a matter of fact, she has more than 6 millions of subscribers on Youtube and more than 2.5 on Twitter! And she's only 24! I am so proud of her, I am a big fan and I follow her on every social network (I am not a stalker, I can assure you). She's pretty, nice, and her videos are always so inspiring!

With her new book!

If you don't know yet, she's engaged to Alfie, the one who has a channel on Youtube called "Pointless Blog". Alfie too published a book, the "Pointless Book".

Alfie Deyes, her boyfriend.

The Pointless Book

Anyway, the book depicts the story of a girl whose name is Penny, who runs a blog, "Girl Online". She, like her creator, suffers from social anxiety.
Zoella posted the first chapter of the book on her Facebook page, that I read with extreme pleasure! Now I want to continue reading it :D. It's pretty exciting and there's also a love story(for those of you who love romantic plots).

It's also known that there will be a second book following this one, which is pretty amazing!
What do you think of Zoe Sugg and her first book?
Tell me in the comments below!


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