Question Time: Why Do We Buy Make Up?

I always ask myself things like: Who am I? Why are we alive? Why do we suffer? How can I be happy?
And sometimes I wonder: Why do we buy make up products?
They are expensive, harmful, and they expire. But food expires too. What's the point then? Some of us buy them because they are really needed (especially when you want to cover acne scars, pimples, etc.). Or because of the packaging, or 'cause we want to have a huge collection. There are so many reasons!
Thinking of it, it is a pretty stupid question. I could ask myself also: Why do we buy clothes? And what's the answer? They cover us all year long! Of course we have to buy them!
But do we really need make up? Yes and no. I wouldn't spend all my money on products that I know I will never finish using. I prefer to pick products which don't cost a fortune and that are good quality.
Make up is used to enhance your natural features. But remember: don't use it to hide them. You are beautiful, no matter what. Personally, I love make up because I feel much more confident with it. I feel prettier and I feel like I can do anything!! That's why we buy cosmetics: we want to appear gorgeous in front of those people who see us. I am not saying that you are not gorgeous without make up on. I'm just saying that make up can change our perspective of life.
You are beautiful not because of the make up, but because of what you have inside. Your personality, your thoughts, your opinions. That's what makes you who you are. And if you are not confident enough (like me D:) that's the moment when cosmetics come to rescue. You can play around and experiment different looks and just have fun!
I don't think I have answered the question correctly. Besides, there are many questions that cannot be answered adequately.
The answers are different from one person to another, and that's totally fine.

Tell me yours in the comments section below!

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