If you're reading this then it means that you want to learn how to flirt.
Actually there are no rules but I can give you some advices.
Here are some steps you can follow:

1 - Confidence
You wanna flirt? Then just be confident about yourself and about your qualities. You are the best. You can do it. Go.

2 - Eye contact
You can't flirt without showing your interest, right? Look at the person you are interested in for a couple of seconds (make sure not to stare, it's creepy!), then look down and slowly look at him/her again. If he/she noticed you then move on the next step.

3 - Smile!
Show him/her your best smile. If you are with some friends then laugh and look at him/her sneakily. He/she may notice your beautiful smile with pleasure.

4 - Be who you are.
Approach him/her and start a simple conversation. It's easy. Don't be shy and remember to be confident. Don't lie about yourself and your interests. Don't say that you love football just because he/she loves it. He/She may find out in the end.

5 - Have fun!
Yay! Enjoy the moment and let you go! :D Nice job, dude.

Watch my video here where I share my tips on how to flirt:

I hope it will be useful,


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