Beauty Trend: Ombré Lips Tutorial

Ombré lips are so fun and chic! Do you know what they are?
They are very similar to the gradient lips and there are different ways to recreat this kind of look.
It's usually outlined by a darker shade of lipstick or lip pencil.
Many models have worn ombre lips and it's a trend that will never disappear.
First of all the key is definition. The technique used aims to make lips appear fuller and tridimensional.
You can experiment with different colors and just have fun!

I'll show you how they look like:

A shiny touch of gloss 

These ones are perfect for festivals and concerts.

Aren't they super cool? :D

While these ones are more wearable and are perfect for everyday. You will get noticed by everyone ;D!

Here's my video tutorial:

See you soon,

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