Travel Beauty Essentials (And Non)

Summer is that time of the year when you travel a lot, enjoying the atmosphere. Yep, since eveyone (or almost everyone) is on holiday!!
But when it comes to get prepared to set off there's always the same question: "What should I bring with me?"
Shall we resolve this problem?
Let's begin!


In a handy beauty bag put:
- a moisturizer (the most important product)
- your favorite foundation
- a concealer
- a black eyeliner
- a mascara
- an everyday eyeshadow palette(like the Naked one)
- a blush
- a lip balm
- a lipgloss and/or a lipstick
Remember, you don't need to bring all your make up collection with you. Just bring the things you just can't live without.

2 - MORE

Also you will need:
- a good eye cream
- a serum
- eye drops
- elastic bands
- deodorant, guys!
- a sample of perfume (I'm sure you have one. Don't carry an entire bottle of perfume in your bag, c'mon! ;D)
- makeup brushes (not all of them, of course)
- a comb for your beautiful hair
- a small mirror
- makeup remover


While on holiday it's important to bring a good book to read when there's nothing else to do. I love books, and there's always at least one in my suitcase. This year I brought along with me an interesting book regarding psychology written by Freud.
Also, if you wish, you can bring headphones in order to listen to music when you are bored or you just want to hear some good sounds.

P.S. Don't forget a plastic bottle that you can refill with water. Stay hydrated!!

So these are my beauty and non-beauty essentials that I bring when I go on holiday!
I hope you found this article useful.
If I forgot something let me know in the comments!
Livia ♡


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