Summer Hairstyles Ideas ☼

Summer is always so hot! To be honest, last year had been hotter than this one. Here where I live ( in Italy) it keeps raining and it's almost cold like in Winter D:! Just kidding ;).
Anyway, when it's sunny ☼ and the air is hot and humid, you should rock some cute and simple hairstyles that will help you against the heat!
Let's see which ones are the best ♡:


This is my most loved hairstyle! It's so simple and easy to get. And I know that most guys ♂ like it ;)!


Oh, so chic! It's not as complicated as you may imagine. Just twist hair into a knot below your ear.


What about this one? This hairstyle is trendy and fashionable! Divide your hair into four sections, braid the front pieces, and twist the back pieces, wrapping each section around your head. Then pin everything in place. I know, it sounds really really hard to style. Sorry, my fault, I'm not very good at giving instructions xD!

Watch this simple hair tutorial by Zoella, one of my favorite youtubers:


Guys love this too! They think that it's so pretty! Messy buns are cute and easy to get. If you don't know how to proceed, then search messy bun tutorial videos, there are plenty of them!

Here they are, four different options to style your hair. Of course there are many others, but I think that these are the best!
What do you think? Which ones do you like?
Livia ✶

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