How To Destroy A Nasty Spot on Your Beautiful Face

Have you ever happened to wake up with a giant and ugly spot on your face, just before a big event coming up? Yeah, I know that it's awkward... But, don't worry! There are many solutions, like blemish zappers and natural treatments! Thanks to those you will have clear and beautiful skin in no time ;D!

Let's see which ones are the best:


Toothpaste is one of the best ways to destroy a spot, because it is antibacterial and, yeah, it's cheap!
Just apply a little bit of toothpaste (not too much) on the spot at night, and the next day hopefully your skin will be clear! However, I wouldn't recommend this treatment if you have sensitive skin.


Baking soda too is a natural solution. You can make a mask with it in order to dry the spots. All you have to do is to wet your face and then apply baking soda. Let it rest for about 2 minutes and then wash it off!
Again, this is not recommended to those of you who have sensitive skin.


Here you are a zapper that contains ingredients like salicylic acid(perfect for acne), witch hazel, tea tree oil and camphor. Thanks to this the bumps will dry and you will not have to worry anymore!
P.S. It costs almost nothing. This is the site where you can get it:


This treatment, aside from the fact that it dries very well the spots, moisturises your skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, great for blemishes. I highly recommend this one if you have dry and sensitive skin. Hurray! :D

So, that's it. I hope these solutions will be helpful! If you want more tips and tricks follow me.
Which are your solutions when spots come out at the worst time?
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