My Youtube Channel!

Hi everybody,
I have a good news for you:
I started a Youtube Channel! It's called Livia McQueen and in my videos I'm gonna talk about fashion, hair, beauty tips and tricks, and I will show you many DIYs! I will also inspire you with my makeup tutorials.
That's right, I want to be an inspiration for you guys, and I would really like to help you. If there's something that troubles you just ask me and I will answer!
My advices will not always be useful, but I really hope that they will help you somehow.
Anyway, check my first video if you have free time, and tell me what you would like to watch in my channel!
If you have any suggestions I would love to read them.
I will try to fulfill your desires :)!
My next video is going to be uploaded soon, so stay tuned!


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