Nivea Talc Sensation Review

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Today I'm gonna talk about Nivea Talc Sensation deodorants, that I've been using everyday! They are wonderful, I can tell you!

They contain kaolin powder, that soaks up immediately, leaving a fresh smell of talc. My skin now feels so soft and smooth!
These deodorants assure you 48 hours of protection and freshness (maybe not exactly 48 hours)!
You can use them during stressful and tiring days. The formula is light and they are perfect also for those of you who have sensitive skin.
Anyway, do you know what kaolin powder is? I did not, but I made some research: it is a mineral that is present in nature and its name comes from China, or better, from the area of Gao-ling (高龄), that means "high hills". This mineral was used in the manufacture of porcelain (don't be scared). But it is not just an excellent stuff for the creation of porcelain, it's even a fantastic ingredient for beauty products, like foundations and face masks!

Price: around 2 
Pro: nice smell!
Con: not one :D

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