Essence Lipsticks Review

Hello everybody!
It's me again! Today I'm gonna talk about Essence Lipsticks!
Essence is a makeup brand that is cheap and affordable. Their products work very well, compared to their price! ❤️
Here there are three of them:

The first one that I'll show you is the number 12, Sparkling Miracle.
It is violet and, yes, it is sparkling! I love it because it makes your lips shine!!

And here the swatch:

It's a beautiful color, don't you think? :)
And the second one is the number 57, More to Love.
This one doesn't really show its color, as you can see, but I like it! It's more glittery:

Finally, the last one: number 53, All About Cupcake.
Oh my Gosh, guys, this one is fantastic! The name itself makes me want to buy it!

It is my favorite among these three, I love its colour and how it smells!
It smells so good! ❤️ Ok, maybe I'm not okay, but I love things that have a nice scent!

Can you see how amazing it looks? It's stunning! I'm using it everyday! The only thing that I don't like about these lipsticks is that they don't last for a long time :(

Pros: the colours are wonderful and they smell good. Plus, they are really affordable
Cons: they don't stay all day long. Need touch-ups. The colours may be too childish.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
And what about you? Do you have Essence Lipsticks? And do you like it?
See you soon ❤️,

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