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Nivea Talc Sensation Review

Hello everybody,
Long time no see!
Today I'm gonna talk about Nivea Talc Sensation deodorants, that I've been using everyday! They are wonderful, I can tell you!

They contain kaolin powder, that soaks up immediately, leaving a fresh smell of talc. My skin now feels so soft and smooth!
These deodorants assure you 48 hours of protection and freshness (maybe not exactly 48 hours)!
You can use them during stressful and tiring days. The formula is light and they are perfect also for those of you who have sensitive skin.
Anyway, do you know what kaolin powder is? I did not, but I made some research: it is a mineral that is present in nature and its name comes from China, or better, from the area of Gao-ling (高龄), that means "high hills". This mineral was used in the manufacture of porcelain (don't be scared). But it is not just an excellent stuff for the creation of porcelain, it's even a fantastic ingredient for beauty products, like foundations and face masks!


Happy Mother's Day!

Hi everyone,
Today is a special day for every mom out there!
So let's celebrate it! How? Well, there are many ways, like giving your mom a gift ( for example a bunch of lovely flowers), organizing a little party, or going with the whole family to a good restaurant! I'm sure she will appreciate it!
However, only you know what your mother likes, so in the end it's all up to you ❤️
So, for today, quit arguing, and have fun! Your mother has to know that she is the most important person in your life!
As for myself, I prepared a delicious chocolate cake ❤️! Yummy!

I hope you're going to have a good time :)
Kiss kiss,

Essence Lipsticks Review

Hello everybody!
It's me again! Today I'm gonna talk about Essence Lipsticks!
Essence is a makeup brand that is cheap and affordable. Their products work very well, compared to their price! ❤️
Here there are three of them:

The first one that I'll show you is the number 12, Sparkling Miracle. It is violet and, yes, it is sparkling! I love it because it makes your lips shine!!

And here the swatch:

It's a beautiful color, don't you think? :) And the second one is the number 57, More to Love. This one doesn't really show its color, as you can see, but I like it! It's more glittery:

Finally, the last one: number 53, All About Cupcake. Oh my Gosh, guys, this one is fantastic! The name itself makes me want to buy it!

It is my favorite among these three, I love its colour and how it smells! It smells so good! ❤️ Ok, maybe I'm not okay, but I love things that have a nice scent!

Can you see how amazing it looks? It's stunning! I'm using it everyday! The o…

My Top 5 Favorite YouTubers

Hi everyone! This is the list of my 5 favorite YouTubers:
1 - Michelle Phan

She is one of the best beauty gurus! I love her, in about 7 years she has become famous, she has her own makeup line, and she has more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube. Her makeup tutorials are easy, professional, and her videos have always a fantastic design that I absolutely adore! Also, she often gives useful beauty tricks and tips.
2 - Zoella

Zoella, or Zoe Sugg, is a famous vlogger and YouTuber. She's always so cheerful and her smile really makes you happy even when you're sad! That's why when I feel down I go watch her videos ;)!
She's fantastic, I love her!

3 - Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota is another young YouTuber who has many subscribers on YouTube. I always have fun watching her videos about makeup, hair, clothes, she's nice and she's also gorgeous! Her DIY videos are useful and I love them so much! She has even her own clothing line! It's incredible, this teenage girl has…

Maybelline Baby Lips Review!

Hi everyone,
Today I'll talk about something that I've been loving SO FREAKING much!
It's Maybelline BABY LIPS in CHERRY ME:

It's a tinted balm that moisturizes, hydrates, and softens your lips!
And, furthermore, it gives you a nice color, even without lipstick!
Oh, I forgot, it smells sooo good, guys! Yep, it smells of cherry ❤️!
Sometimes I want to eat it!
I think you really should try it! There are other types of this tinted balm, all lovely and amazing!

Cons: no one! :D
Would I recommend it? Definitely yes!!
Price: 3.90€

Here you are the other one that I bought! They are not very expensive, and all of them give you 8 hours of hydration.

So cool, don't you think :)?
Thanks for reading this post, I hope it was useful!
With love,

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